About Project

MoBiLi is funded by the European Union, Research Potential Call FP7-REGPOT-2009-1

Strengthening and sustaining the european perspectives of Molecular Biotechnology in Lithuania (MoBiLi)

What is IBT:

The Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) in Vilnius, Lithuania is well known for its continued high quality research in the broadly defined field of molecular biotechnology. The Institute provides an interface between advanced education, basic research and technological development for the economic and social benefit of Lithuania and the European Union.

The strategic goal of IBT is its integration into the European Research Area and strengthening its role as a leader in molecular biotechnology. MoBiLi will serve as key instrument towards this goal.

No. of proposals submitted:                        312

No. of proposals passed evaluation:          135

No. of projects granted funding:                  16 (MoBiLi ranked 7-th)

Total budget:                                                 1.6 mln. EUR

Project start: December 2009                     Project end: May 2013

Mission of the MoBiLi:

MoBiLi is a support action to strengthen the research capacities and to mobilize human resources in molecular biotechnology at the Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) Vilnius, Lithuania.

Purpose of the project:

To build up scientific excellence and human potential of IBT thereby transforming it into an excellence centre in molecular biotechnology and a significant player in the European Research Area.

The major objectives:

  • Human capital building for research and technological development (RTD) in the field of state-of-the-art molecular biotechnology;
  • Networking of IBT with major centres of excellence in the EU via joint research and mobility of researchers;
  • Upgrading and modernisation of research infrastructure in line with emerging thematic priorities in the field.

Project core partners:

  • The European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
  • Justus Liebig University Giessen
  • University of Edinburgh
  • The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Scientific Priority areas of collaboration:

  • Protein structure, interactions and cellular networks (JLU, EMBL, SIB, UE);
  • Cellular imaging and high-throughput approaches to study human diseases (EMBL, KI, SIB, UE).

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